It is always a challenge for any busy commercial car and van rental provider to balance the needs of the business to validate hirer’s identity and driver entitlement against the need to expedite the on-boarding process in order to get customers into vehicles and on their way as quickly as possible – particularly during peak times.

One solution is to find a way to capture data quickly and accurately from the photo card licence presented to the hire company by the driver and in the same process to carry out simple repeatable checks to identify obviously forged or tampered with documents.

Instantly check driving licences with DAVIS CDR

CDR card reading device

Introducing the quickest and easiest way to check the authenticity of a UK, EU and International driving licence, CPC & Tacho Card. DAVIS CDR is an innovative compact counter top device which scans ID1 cards in seconds.

DAVIS CDR scans both sides of the card and validates licence security features and layouts. Essential driver information is instantly captured and uploaded into an individual driver record. Ideal for organisations carrying our multiple driver checks.


  • Instantly authenticates a UK driving licence or tacho/cpc card when presented into the reader
  • Instantly captures data from UK, EU and International Driving Licences, CPC & Tacho cards
  • Initiates the permission process required for checking UK driving licences
  • Consistent, repeatable and robust security checking process
  • Data can be integrated into other software applications

How will it improve efficiency?

  • Eliminates the manual process of checking licences
  • Improves data accuracy by auto-capturing data
  • Ideal for bulk submissions

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For more information about the DAVIS CDR and to learn how it works click HERE


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