DAVIS Licence Check Simplify your licence checking process

The DAVIS Licence Check solution enables businesses to actively manage employee driving licence eligibility, making sure that driver risk is reduced and compliance assured by creating an automatic check on an employee's driving licence. Licence checking is an essential process for organisations with employees that drive on work-related business, we make the licence checking process simple and effective. 

Want to see inside DAVIS but don’t have time for a full demonstration? Take a look at our DAVIS Details video which showcases our Licence checking solution and all the unique features that set DAVIS apart from other driver licence checking software.   

DAVIS Licence Check

  • Safe, secure and reliable cloud solution which records, stores and verifies driving licence information
  • Checks the driver has the correct category entitlement and eligibility to drive
  • Checks the driving licence for current endorsements, penalty points and convictions
  • Identifies and dynamically monitors ‘high risk’ drivers during the licence checking process
  • Dedicated customer support help-desk included without additional cost
  • Analyses data provided by the DVLA
  • Integration with in-house software applications that enhance the licence checking process, if desired

How will it improve efficiency?

  • Automatic scheduling of driving licence rechecks without the need for human intervention
  • Provides driving licence checking results instantly
  • Manages the full driver permission process, with an e-approval option, which is valid for 3 years
  • Triggers comprehensive notifications and immediate warnings
  • Reduces paperwork and administration both for office-based employees and drivers

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