DAVIS shortlisted for TWO awards

DAVIS shortlisted for TWO awards

31st, Jul 2018 General News

Here at DAVIS, recognition means a great deal to us and we are delighted to have been shortlisted for not one, but two Business Car Awards; Safety and Technology Innovation.

Designed to recognise the fleets, suppliers and manufacturers that demonstrate outstanding customer service and innovative products, the Business Car Awards are judged by respected industry experts including well-known road testers, fleet managers and representatives from industry bodies. Plus there are two reader-voted awards: new company car of the year and manufacturer of the year, with the winners announced on the night alongside the other awards.

The company behind DAVIS, Licence Check, has been in the business of providing licence checking services in the private and public sector for 10 years. Efficiency and innovation is part of our DNA and we are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients.

DAVIS (Driver & Vehicle Information Solutions) is a cloud-based software tool that manages driver compliance, ensuring Duty of Care is addressed. DAVIS also manages the entire (GDPR compliant) permission process and once complete, carries out a full DVLA driving licence check verifying the driver's entitlements, recording penalty points and endorsements, as well as flagging disqualified or expired licences. Permission remains in place for 3 years, and driver rechecks can be scheduled in accordance with company policy providing a seamless process that requires minimal human intervention.

But where DAVIS goes the extra mile in helping organisations address and improve driver safety is by providing a meaningful RAG-based (Red, Amber, Green) Driver Risk Score.

DAVIS Driver Risk Score uses a complex algorithm taking many factors and data streams into account formulating these results into one real-time score, assigned to each driver. Data streams depend on the client but may include the addition of driver behaviour via telematics, driver attitude/aptitude via assessment results and incident/accident history – all with the intention of providing a clearer picture of driver risk. By having a single score per driver, Fleet & Transport Managers are able to quickly identify high risk drivers for further attention and development. Furthermore, individual Driver Risk scores are amalgamated to provide one overall real-time Fleet Risk Score helping to give Fleet & Transport Managers the ability to effectively measure and monitor driver risk as a KPI.

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