SAGA upgrades to DAVIS to manage more aspects of Driver and Vehicle risk

SAGA upgrades to DAVIS to manage more aspects of Driver and Vehicle risk

5th, Mar 2018 General News

Saga is a valued customer of Licence Check Ltd, having used its software service to check business driver licences for more than three years. But it was seeing an email about the Risk Assessor module within DAVIS that made Lukas Jansen van Vuuren, SAGA’s Fleet and In-House Services Manager sit up and take notice.

Whilst a robust driving licence checking process was in place for Saga’s business drivers, Lukas felt that in order to effectively manage driver compliance, attitude and behaviour should also be analysed.

“After learning that DAVIS provided a more sophisticated way to manage risk, I was keen to learn more about the solution and understand how it would help us better manage risk within our fleet.” 

Lukas arranged an online demonstration with Joe, Licence Check Ltd’s “Upgrade Specialist” to gain a real view of DAVIS.

“Within seconds of the live demonstration, I knew upgrading to DAVIS would be beneficial. Not only does it look and feel much more modern in comparison to similar products on the market, but the interface is so intuitive and easy to navigate.” 

Once the demonstration was complete, Lukas decided that not only should Saga upgrade to DAVIS to continue checking the licences of its drivers, but also bolt on the additional solutions Risk Assessment and Grey Fleet Management at the same time.

“Risk Assessment was a key factor in switching over to DAVIS because it quickly assesses drivers and attributes them with a risk score. Those that are scored as “High Risk” can then be developed with further training, allowing us to take a proactive approach to risk management. The tool is really comprehensive as it covers everything from distance following to hazard perception to general road knowledge.” 

Like many organisations, Grey Fleet Management was an area of compliance that was previously handled internally at Saga. After learning that DAVIS was able to manage this previously complicated and admin-heavy burden, Lukas was keen to understand more about how DAVIS can help lighten the load.

“Having previously stored grey fleet data on spreadsheets and requiring manual checks and reminders, I was sold on DAVIS Grey Fleet instantly. It essentially means that all our business driver and vehicle data is in one place that is easy to access and report upon. Thanks to many checks and tasks being automated, it means that admin-time has been reduced and we’re able to manage our risk much more effectively.” 

As with any kind of software upgrade, Lukas had some concerns over how the migration to DAVIS would be handled, particularly because his team had only recently obtained an updated 3 year consent agreement from every driver. 

“Any change in process can require a great deal of effort and time to bed in, and of course I had concerns about changing to a completely new software solution. However I felt that the benefits of the upgrade outweighed the possible disturbance that the transfer may have caused. The fact that our existing credits and consent were carried over to DAVIS was a major plus point. The team at Licence Check were extremely supportive, in particular our main contact Joe who led the transfer. Full training was provided as part of the onboarding process and the team have had queries dealt with quickly and efficiently through the LIVE CHAT function - we could not be happier with the results.” 

 Lukas Jansen van Vuuren, SAGA’s Fleet and In-House Services Manager


If you’re interested in booking an online demonstration to learn how DAVIS can uncomplicate your compliance, email us: or call us 0330 660 7107.